Relationship Economics: Success Journal for PMPs


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Author: David Nour
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Relationship Economics: Success Journal for PMPs

Transform Your Most Valuable Business Contacts into Personal and Professional Success

by David Nour

REVISED AND UPDATED with more than 40% new material

NOTE: Includes a complimentary download of the first chapter FREE.

A revised and updated guide to bridging relationship creation with relationship capitalization

Relationship Economics isn’t about taking advantage of friends or coworkers to get ahead. It’s about prioritizing and maximizing a unique return on strategic relationships to fuel unprecedented growth. Based on David Nour’s global speaking and consulting engagements, Relationship Economics reveals that success comes from investing in people for extraordinary returns.

This revised and updated version explains the three major types of relationships—personal, functional, and strategic—and how to focus each to fuel enterprise growth. It introduces new concepts in relationship management, including the exchange of Relationship Currency®, the accumulations of Reputation Capital®, and the building of Professional Net Worth®. These are the fundamental measures of business relationships, and once you understand them, you’ll be able to turn your contacts into better project executions, performance, and results

Relationship Economics takes a unique long term, strategic and quantifiable view of business relationships that goes far beyond networking oriented books. Nowadays, many companies believe that networking is a key to success. Relationship Economics shows us that this notion is a mere fallacy.

With this course, the reader will learn that success comes from learning how to invest in people for an extraordinary return. Readers will be able to understand and develop the three types of relationships: personal, functional and strategic – that will ultimately help hone critical skills to not only develop a nose for identifying great opportunities, but which relationships to tap for execution, performance and results.

Our Intent with This Program:

* Practical and pragmatic tips to implement right away.

* Balance interesting concepts with applicable ideas in your day-to-day relationships

* Beliefs, attitudes, behaviors to uncover, adapt, enhance, build & leverage successful relationships

* Explore how you define success?

* Determine what’s the gap between where you are today and where you want to be?

* Connect the dots in the above gap for stronger relationship results!

* Map your three types of relationships: personal, functional and strategic

Learning Objectives

1. Define the value of Strategic Relationship Planning

2. Understand the Science of Social Network Analysis

3. Develop Relationship-Centric Goals

4. Establish a Relationship Bank

5. Utilize Relationship Currency

6. Optimize LinkeIn Effectiveness

Course Agenda

Module One: Why Most “Networking” Doesn’t Work!

Module Two: The Evolution of Quantifiable Relationships

Module Three: Strategic Relationship Planning

Module Four: Understanding the Science of Social Network Analysis (SNA)

Module Five: Relationship-Centric Goals for Business Development

Module Six: Pivotal Contacts for Leadership Development

Module Seven: Relationship Bank for Strategy Execution

Module Eight: Relationship Currency for Adaptive Innovation

Module Nine: Transforming Us and Them into We

Module Ten: The LinkedIn® Effect



1. Relationship Economics for PMPs

        Success Journal for PMPs (pdf)

Audio (mp3) – Version 1 (original publication)

Audio (mp3) – Version 2 (revised and updated publication)

2. Relationship Economics

        Complimentary Sample Chapter (pdf) of book – Chapter One: Why Most “Networking” Doesn’t Work!