ebook: Optimize Your Thinking: How to Unlock Your Performance Potential


PDUs: 10
Technical Project Management PDU Value: 2.5
Leadership PDU Value: 5
Strategic and Business Management PDU Value: 2.5
Category C: Self-Directed Learning
Author: Jennifer Bridges, PMP
Available Versions: DOWNLOADABLE

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This thought-provoking ebook tackles the most complex element of project management – the human element.

Through success keys presented in each chapter, you’ll examine your effectiveness as a thinker, team member, and leader while learning to adjust your approach for each personality and situation you encounter. Along the way, you’ll meet 8 colorful characters who embody the 8 Ways of Thinking®. This powerful paradigm is taught in seminars around the US – now unlock your performance potential while on the go!

With this downloadable ebook, you’ll receive: 

  • Optimize Your Thinking: How to Unlock Your Performance Potential, which details the 8 Ways of Thinking® performance model with engaging stories and lessons learned.

Did you know you can unlock greater potential within yourself and others by examining the way you think?

Like most people, you might not realize that your potential is directly related to the way you think. But how you process the world helps determine your place in it.

This means that by “optimizing” your thinking, you’re taking charge of your success. When you’re armed with a keen understanding of the way you and those around you think and process information, you can better achieve your goals, influence others, and lead a team to victory. In fact, by adjusting your thinking style to each person and situation you encounter, you can enhance your performance in all areas of life.

By deciding to Optimize Your Thinking, you’re embarking on an uncommon journey to explore and expand the very nature of your thinking. Along the way, you’ll get to know a memorable cast of characters who embody the strengths and weaknesses of the 8 Ways of Thinking. Throughout your journey, you’ll discover the success keys held by the top achievers of the world. And, finally, you will cultivate a flexible, multifaceted thinking style that allows you to flourish as a thinker, team leader and a leader.




Chapter 1: Inventive Thinking

Chapter 2: Analytical Thinking

Chapter 3: Pessimistic Thinking

Chapter 4: Assertive Thinking

Chapter 5: Intuitive Thinking

Chapter 6: Altruistic Thinking

Chapter 7: Optimistic Thinking

Chapter 8: Resolute Thinking




The Optigon® – A unique model to assess the 8 Ways of Thinking®

  • Know Your Roles
  • Discover the 8 Ways of Thinking
  • Discuss the strengths, weaknesses and best problems to solve for each of the 8 Ways of Thinking
  • Discuss each of the 8 Ways of Thinking and how to Achieve as a Thinker, how to Influence as a Team Member and how to Lead as a Leader.
  • Put the Principles into Action>>> Learn how to Optimize Your Thinking, Your Relationships and Your Team.
A note from the author:
“I invite you on a journey of the mind to Optimize Your Thinking and discover the SUCCESS KEYS you already possess to UNLOCK your performance potential. Enjoy!” Jennifer Bridges, PMP
Are you ready to Optimize Your Thinking?… These people have and here’s what they say:

“Jennifer has developed a system to not only analyze but to optimize our way of thinking. What this does is builds stronger relationships in high-performance teams. The system is easy to understand and easy to implement. A bonus is that about gaining a lot of new information about themselves and others. Highly recommended!” — Joan E. Gustafson, mentor to global business leaders; author of Some Leaders Are Born Women!; former international business leader, 3M

“Jennifer has identified eight fictional characters that turn up in team building or a group situation. Characters that each of us can relate to. She’s turned these eight characters into 8 Ways of Thinking that allows the information to be learned more quickly and retained longer.” — Barbara McDuffie Kahler, Executive Coach Founding Principal of Leadership in Action, former IBM exec
“Jennifer, as a speaker, your ability to take complex information and present in a simple, fun and engaging format was utterly brilliant.” — Gilbert Nieuwenhuis Action International Business Coaching
“Innovative organizations harness the power of people who think and work differently. Jennifer cleverly introduces you to her 8 Ways of Thinking and gives you actionable suggestions that can increase company performance and productivity by boosting moral and catalyzing individual performance. If you are a leader and not simply a manager, you need to experience Jennifer’s powerful paradigm.” — David Brake, Content Connections
“Building relationships and leading people is the key to all successful projects…PERIOD!!! Without a solid understanding of human behavior how can we say we’ve ever master the art of project management…?” — David Nour, Author Relationship Economics
“I started reading your book and am excited about the contents after reading the introduction. Already I can see how this book can be instrumental in transforming many industries not just the Project Management field.” — Laverne Wright, Delta Airlines
“A special thank you goes to Jennifer for providing this training program which has enabled me to make a major career move.” — Margaret Morton King & Spalding
“Optimize Your Thinking provides real life examples of personality types and offers various scenarios which we all can leverage when problem solving!!!” — Dana Dawson, MA, PMP, Technical PM CompuCredit Project Services

“I feel like this was a ‘Life Perspective’ course that everyone could benefit from taking. It could definitely help me perform my job better by trying to look at others perspectives in addition to my own.” — Lisa Preston, BellSouth Communications

“Having been practicing project management for over 12 years, I found Optimize Your Thinking to be the SINGLE most practical tool for skillfully managing a variety of initiatives.” — Shaun, PMP, Construction Industry